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Arabesque Dance Studio

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- Students/Parents are obligated for the entire semester.

- Required dance attire for classes, bodysuit and tights. Dance skirts and shorts are acceptable.

- Class placement at discretion of studio.

- NO refunds, credits, exchanges, or transfers.

- Tuition due every week or at the beginning of each month.

- If tuition is not paid after three weeks of due date, dancer will be dropped from class. Dancer will not be able to attend until payment is received.

- If we receive a returned check, payment will need to be made with cash or money order only and a fee of $20 will be assessed.

- Absences are charged, but may be made up in current semester as long as tuition is current and there is room in another class.

- Withdrawals require 30 day written or verbal notice.

- No gum or food in class.

- Arrive at least 5 minutes early for class.